New at work

I’ve tried it my self, seen others been down that same road. We’ve all be absolutely beat after getting home from work the first couple of weeks at a new job. I have to be real with you, I’ve kind of expected the same beginning at my new position as a recruitment consultant – It’s a brand new thing since I’m coming from a sales job and had no experience what so ever within this area. New systems, products, colleagues, names and faces.

Status pt. – After my first month working at SalesOnly.

I have to say, energy is on a very high level and just building up! – and I ask my self what the h*** happens here?

My reflections: being a part of a team that I can learn so much from, that really takes my personal learning serious. They make time in their own schedules, to put themselves in my place to make my learning personalized and make sure that I don’t have to waste to much resources getting hold of it.

I’ve been invited to events from the very first day, on my third day, I was a part of a very thrilling kick off, with more than 300 great Wise group employees, that no matter who I turned to, was happy that I was there, and wished my the best of luck and really welcomed me to the group!

I can now see the benefit of having great competence in recruitment processes, and can match the candidate with the company, 365 degrees! That makes me so happy that my future focus would be helping businesses do the same!